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    asana       pranayama       yoga nidra       meditation      

Practices of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation will be introduced and developed
in a systematic and progressive manner in 75 or 90 minute classes.


Come away with practical yogic tools and techniques to be incorporated into daily life.

Move towards making yoga a lifestyle full of contentment and positivity.

 ASANA   A classical range and sequences of yoga postures, both dynamic and static, gently stretch and open the joints of the body, inviting release of tensions on physical, mental and emotional levels. Asanas strengthen, tone and aid development of core stability, increase flexibility and enhance overall well-being.

  PRANAYAMA  Prana is the vital energy or life force. Pranayama techniques activate, regulate and stabilize the vital energy field of the body. Higher states of vibratory energy and awareness may be attained. Practices are calming, harmonizing, healing, relieve anxiety and cerebral tension and are soothing for the nervous system.

 YOGA NIDRA   Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. In a state of conscious relaxation the inner awareness has the potential to unlock deep impressions of the subconscious mind, and allows the higher consciousness to be revealed. In this deep state of relaxation, the mind becomes clear and creative.

  MEDITATION   Meditation techniques, such as kaya sthairyam, antar mouna, and ajapa japa, guide  the practitioner to turn the senses and awareness away from the external world toward the internal dimension.


"Kirtan is an important aspect of yoga. Just as rasgula is incomplete without sugar, so yoga is also incomplete without kirtan. Kirtan is not religious chanting, nor is it just singing one word many times. It is a part of nada yoga, the yoga of sound, in which you produce sound waves and follow them with your awareness. By singing kirtan you are able to withdraw yourself from the body and your external environment. You are traveling by the jet of emotions, therefore, you do not confront the mind at all. In raja yoga you have to fight the mind, but in kirtan you bypass the mind."          

                                                                                                               – Swami Satyananda

Join local sangha for kirtan at least once a month.

Check website or please contact for dates and information.

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